Mission Statement

The Deacons Ministry is the group of baptized believers who have been chosen and ordained to be servant leaders in the church with the primary role of following and supporting the leadership of the pastor in the fulfillment of the church’s vision, goals and mission.

Macedonia Church follows the qualifications of a Deacon as found in God’s Word (Acts 6:3; 1 Timothy 3: 8-13).

The Deacons have charge of the temporal interest and will see that the church building is clean, lighted, warm and kept in proper condition for worship.

The Deacons minister temporal and spiritual needs to the sick, afflicted, and the needy.  In the absence of ministers, Deacons are in charge of ministering, teaching and exhorting as led by the spirit.


Vision Statement

Deacons are called to be dedicated caregivers who use their spiritual gifts in a shared ministry of concern for the total well-being of God’s people. Deacons are to be Christ-like, welcoming, nurturing, reconciling, sensitive to the presence of God’s Spirit in their lives and in the lives of others, and witnessing for Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord within and beyond the Body of Christ, the Church

Goals and Objectives

  • Pray for and support our pastor and for greater insight into the vision that he has been given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • Visit, pray for and serve communion to our sick and shut-in members who are not able to attend our regular worship services
  • Being Alert to The Spiritual Needs of the Congregation – For The Purposes of freeing The Pastoral Staff to Focus On Prayer and The Ministry of the Word
  • Promoting Unity Within the Church
  • Facilitating The Spread of the Gospel


Max McFarlane