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Mission Statement

To introduce to men and women affected by crime and incarceration to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To restore hope and human dignity through love and a personal relationship with Christ. 

Matthew 35:36-40

Our prison ministry is one of the most successful ministries in Macedonia.  Lives have been positively impacted and drastically changed through weekly bible studies at Bridgeport Correctional Center facilitated by a group of committed elders, deacons and volunteer lay people.   In addition, once a month Macedonia leaders, together with our music ensemble, hold Sunday worship services at the prison. We also have an active group of volunteers who facilitate regular bible studies, write letters to inmates and organize fellowship dinners at several prison re-entry half-way houses in Bridgeport and Norwalk.  We are proud of the many men and women who have embraced Christianity and have exchanged their past negative lifestyles for productive healthy lifestyles.   In fact, many of our own members (including elders and deacons) have come through the prison system. These men and women are strong examples of how a life committed to God can transform.

Vision Statement

Help rebuild broken hearts through faith and the love of Jesus Christ.  Nurture new believers in faith and discipleship. Help to prepare, equip and empower their lives through prayer, fasting and reading of God’s word.   

Goal and objectives:

  • Help and encourage them to serve the remainder of their incarceration in an honorable way. 
  • Establish and/or strengthen a personal relationship with God.
  • Re-establish relationship with their love one’s based on God’s word.
  • Help in re-entering into society successful and live a life with joy, fulfillment and purpose. Jeremiah 29:11
Deacon Juan Sanchez